C#2 – Quality labels / branding and export promotion

Cambodian rice has a high potential of quality, in particular for its Jasmine and fragrant varieties. Yet in the beginning of the decade, Cambodian exports of milled rice were just starting. Cambodian rice was not yet well identified on international markets, and Cambodian rice exporters were still facing a deficit of image of Cambodian rice, and low level of trust in Cambodian rice origin.

When the SCCRP project was designed, the lack of awareness of importers abroad and the lack of trust in Cambodian milling industry was frequently the cause for a lower price associated to Cambodian origin. Progressively from 2010, as investment in state-of-the-art milling facilities were made, and as Cambodia started to be identified as an emerging rice exporter, the trust in Cambodian origin started to be built. But efforts on both quality and communication/promotion had to be done to consolidate this trend, and progressively to start to work on branding and quality labels in order to increase the value of Cambodian rice.

Hence, SCCRP project has contributed to these efforts, along with Cambodian producers and exporters and with other development partners and projects involved in this field (notably with the IFC and EU Cambodia Rice Sector Support Project). SCCRP has supported international market study, promotion events, development of CRF’s « Malys Angkor » certification mark, and the development of certified organic (EU and USA standards) rice supply chain, as well as SRP rice production.

C#2 Documents/Resources

2nd Cambodian Rice Festival