C#5 – Rice policy and Rice Sector Economic Observatory

In 2010, the Royal Government of Cambodia has adopted an ambitious policy for the promotion of paddy production and rice export. This policy has contributed to arouse a strong dynamic of investments and up-grading of the Cambodian rice sector. Even if the iconic objective of exporting 1 million tons of milled rice was not yet achieved in 2015, the growth of milled rice exports has been spectacular: from about 12,000 tons in 2009 to more than 538,000 tons in 2015 (year for which the 1 million ton target was set).

The Support to the Commercialization of Cambodian Rice Project has contributed to assess the results of the rice policy (2010-2015), and to support the preparation of a second phase of RGC policy for the rice sector. It has also developed a tool for economic modeling and assessment of the economic situation of Cambodian Rice Sector, which is foreseen to be institutionalized as the “Cambodian Rice Sector Economic Observatory”, providing analytical economic data on the sector as a whole, that can be used as a dashboard to monitor rice sector situation and stimulate policy dialog.

C#5 Documents/Resources